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Creator of Breathwork Academy and the explorer of equanimity, Artur Paulins is working internationally to transform our access to daily calm through breathwork and mindfulness. An access to equanimity – calm, stillness, contentment – should be available to everyone.

Artur’s approach to self-mastery spans a variety of breath-based approaches to wellbeing, resilience and inner-strength. He’s tested each method rigorously and adopted a unique approach that is accessible for all, and can be returned to as part of a daily mindfulness practice. At the centre of his work, is a commitment to uncovering the potential of each human being through moments of awareness that become available through these techniques.

In his classes, you will find a seamless combination of music, guidance and stillness. His presence is unwavering and yet there is a playfulness to his style. This is a space for heartfelt connection, grounding and equanimity that will continue throughout the rest of your day.

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Breathwork is a stress-reduction technique that brings physical relaxation and peace of mind, also delivering physical changes to the chemistry of the body, reducing the stress hormones like cortisol and releasing a hormone linked to positive emotions, oxytocin.