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Tony Riddle is the creator of the Natural Lifestyle Philosophy, that encourages modern urbanites to reconnect with certain innate, ‘wild’ behaviours in order to increase physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness. Riddle’s Natural Lifestyle Philosophy combines his physical training expertise with learnings across science, social anthropology and eastern spirituality.

Riddle has been featured extensively in the press from The Times, Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Telegraph Magazine, New York Times, Men’s Health, Evening Standard, and on BBC Breakfast, Sky News, The Rich Roll Podcast and many others. His debut book How To Be More Human will be released in 2022.

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Connecting with nature, relearning instinctive cultures & behaviours, and tapping into natural rhythms & habits - all through natural movement - can improve our wellbeing. Stripping back and simplifying our daily habits and needs, finding a more centred, natural lifestyle while harmonising with modern life improves our physical and mental health.

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