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Dr Rangan Chatterjee is a British physician, author, television presenter and podcaster. He is best known for his TV show Doctor in the House and for being the resident doctor on BBC Breakfast and as a regular commentator on BBC Radio.

Dr Chatterjee is the author of The 4 Pillar Plan and more recently Happy Mind, Happy Life: 10 Simple Ways to Feel Great Every Day, a science-backed guide to a calmer, happier you.

Motivation isn’t always enough for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s only when we learn how to support our own mental wellbeing and cultivate core happiness that these choices become easy.

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Hope and positivity help people make better health and life decisions and focus more on long-term goals. Studies also find that negative emotions can weaken immune response, as well as increasing the health risks of stress, strokes and brain trauma.

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